November 13, 2016

Catching Up Time

Wow, last week was a dozy am I right?  As you can see by the photo above, liberal Bay Area is not happy with the election. I have to say I stand with the two restaurants above. I don't want this to be a political rant or keep going with this draining topic. I just want to say, that had this been a regular Joe Republican, I and most every Democrat would have shrugged it off and thought it was time for the other party to have a chance. This is different, as evidenced by all the protests in large cities and now horrible hate crimes towards minorities. Any Republicans who think we are being whiny babies because Hillary lost, really needs to stop and listen to what we are trying to convey with the protests. As Dave Chappelle recently said on SNL, "We just elected an Internet troll as our President!" I agree sadly.  I'm truly sorry if I offend anyone, but those are my views and this is such a surreal situation. I want to be able to document this and put a few feelings down.

On a much lighter note, Halloween has already come and gone in a flash! We had the same 9 kids that we had last year. I wished that there had been more, but once again I live in a house that isn't conducive to trick or treating. Props to the nine that made it up the hill!
We have had no rain since my last post, and today feels like spring, if not early summer here today! It sure made for some beautiful pictures at the John Muir Park today.  I could easily sit on one of the benches there and watch birds and just rest for hours, but I was on a mission today to look for a gift for my dad for his birthday, so we just did a quick walk.

A few mornings ago, David woke me up to show me a flock of turkeys outside our bedroom window! I threw on a robe and slippers and shot a few pictures of these guys roaming around and snacking down on random leaves and dropped fruit in the side yard. They are very funny to watch.
Then, the little mockingbird that is pictured, is part two of birds hitting the picture window in our dinning room. This one was much more feisty than the last one, and was already standing when I went downstairs to see if it was OK. He flew off after I snapped a few close ups of him.  A friend recently posted some great ideas to help with this situation and I plan on doing  them soon as I get a chance. I hope in the meantime, there are no more collisions with the window.

I finished the little dress I had been working on and it is now in the shop! This dress is ready to ship out in a size three, but can be special ordered in sizes 6mo., 12mo., 18mo., 2yr, 3yr.   It's a very simple yet classic style that can be dressed up or down. It is made of durable medium weight cotton, and the little black ribbon is silk.  I love the simplicity of it and I'm working on doing some more possibly in velveteen. Once again though, not promising too much since I'm in the throws of the holidays at Anthopologie. Today we had a kick off meeting where we all dressed up in various holiday themes and had a breakfast pot luck. Nice for all of us to come together and start off the holiday season with some fun and cheer. Last week was employee appreciation for the home and beauty whole paycheck is gone folks!! I've been wanting to replace my Mason Pearson brush and was able to do so since the beauty section carries them. Picked up some other fun things, like a thick knitted throw, ornament, fun mug, and some Amber perfumed rocks that make the living room smell divine! Merry early Christmas to me hahaha. I'm trying really hard to resist all the beautiful things, because now I'm just working there for clothes and fun house wears. Not necessarily a bad thing, but would like to put some money aside as well.

This coming Thursday my dad and step mom are coming. We are going to celebrate my dad's birthday on the 18th and spend the whole weekend with them. We were going to do Thanksgiving, but my step mom really needs to spend some time with her dad so they are off to the foothills with a pit stop to see my sister along the way. Luckily we are all close by. I'm happy to be able to spend at least my dad's birthday with him.
So.......all caught up! Not sure how often I'll be posting but I'll try my hardest. If I don't check in before Thanksgiving, please have a great one!


  1. Your photography is quite good, the closeup of the mockingbird is wonderful. I don't know why that little dress knocks me out, but it does!