October 28, 2016

Lovely Colors of Autumn

I always like to document the changing colors of the plants out in the yard, especially after some rain. The light is so pretty and everything is fresh. We are having another storm tonight, which is fantastic. Usually we don't get rain until next week, but happy that it made it's appearance earlier. Time to turn off the sprinkler system, and put away all the summer yard decor. Yipee!
I think I have finally adjusted to working the three days at Anthropologie, and I think my feet are now use to it too. I found some shoes that make it more pleasant to be there, instead of thinking about how my feet are hurting the whole day! I'm not really looking forward to the madness though of the holidays in that store. It's a huge store, with lots and lots of people, especially on the weekends. Hoping that it won't kill me.
Cape madness is finally over, as I think I mentioned last time. I'm about to start on a cute little dress, and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my sneak peek. I think it will be really sweet and it's fun sewing new items for the shop again. I hope I can get a few things in there in time for the holidays. Given that I'm in retail now, who knows how much I can get done  hahaha.
 Monday was Caitlin and Cyrous' one year anniversary! David and I gave them this pretty frame with their invitation and one of the many beautiful pictures of that day. David also had the music printed out that he wrote for them, and put it in a pretty leather cover.  Still can't believe how fast that year went. SLOW down please! They went out to a lovely dinner at Chez Panisse to celebrate.
For those that follow me on Facebook, this will be a repeat story, but if you don't follow me on there, here is my cute story for the day.  This morning as I sat in my living room, I heard a thump on one of our big picture windows. I feared the worse. I looked down the side of the house and saw a beautiful little bird lying on it's side, but still breathing. I went outside and hoped it was just stunned and hadn't broken anything. I scooped it up and it's little eyes were still shinny, so I hoped for the best. I sat on my front porch for about 15 minutes petting it, and soon it went from lying in my hand to standing. It seemed to be collecting its faculties. It was such a beautiful moment to hold a wild creature and be able to look in its eyes. Eventually it flew to the porch rail and then took flight! So happy it was only stunned. I looked up the bird species later, and it was a Hermit Thrush. One of my dreams was to hold a wild bird. Not only did I get to hold it, but helped it over come a bit of a shock from slamming into the window. This made my whole day. The funny part of the story was that I was wearing my favorite cheap Target shirt that is covered in a little graphic print of birds, how appropriate :)
On that happy note, I better get some chores done, as I have to go in tomorrow to work. Not looking forward to crazy Saturday with hoards of people. I sure wish I could just work the week days only, but it is retail, so there you have it.          


  1. Thanks Tricia! It was so pretty out today.

  2. Would love to hear more about the shoes you found for work! I work two days a week and am also on my feet all day. I recently found a pair of Cole Haan Ballet shoes that are really comfortable. I just hope I dont wreck them there!