October 19, 2016

New in the Shop!

Hi! Are you happy that I'm back quicker than normal? hahah. I just finished these two pieces today and will be listing them in my Etsy shop as soon as I finish this post.  It took me a bit of time to finish these simple pieces because I was working on cape orders. I finished my 12th cape of the season on Monday and shipped it out to it's little owner yesterday. So far it has been a really good balance with work at Anthropologie and my Etsy shop.  I think I will not have to worry about cape orders once Halloween is over. I sometimes get a few orders for the capes for Christmas, but for the most part this is my busy time for them. I remember when I first made the cape, thinking it was mostly going to used as a cozy option for the winter instead of a coat. It kind of took off as a costume instead, but that's fine, as I think once the customers receive it they will realize it's more than just a costume. I have had such wonderful reviews written on my Etsy feedback in them. It always makes my heart happy that people love these little capes, as I truly still love making them. Anyway....I finished this petal collared swing top made out of cotton dotted Swiss, and this little skirt made out of the cutest Japanese imported cotton fabric. I just love the little bears with their gold crowns and party hats! Link to my shop is in my side bar.

Well, we got a little rain last weekend and I was a very happy camper since I had all weekend off and was cozy at home working on orders and these two pieces. Seems early for the rain in our parts, as it seems like it always officially starts closer to Halloween. It has made for such clear and beautiful fall skies, and  I'm loving how the light falls in different parts of the house during the day and always want to grab my camera.
 Can't believe it will be a year on Monday that Caitlin and Cyrous will celebrate their first wedding anniversary! Where has the time gone? On Facebook, numerous photos that I posted on Instagram have popped up as a reminder of "a year ago today," with pictures of wedding prep.   Maybe I'll do a post on that day with some wedding pictures that I didn't share that I love.

Work outside the house has been fun. My section has a nice pace to it and doesn't get too overrun on the days that I'm there. Weekends, that is a whole other story.  Lots of families and people curious about the bridal dresses start to come by, and look through everything, which is different from weekdays, where for the most part we just have the appointments. I had a funny/annoying incident a couple of weekends ago, where a dad shoved his three year old daughter into one of our $600.00 bridesmaids dresses that is covered in sequins and beads ( a very delicate dress). Before I could get over there he already had it on her! He then proceeded to let her run into the salon and stand on a podium where we were having an appointment!! A bit exciting I must say!!
This Saturday David and I are going to see "Young the Giant" at the Fox Theater in Oakland.  We also are going to our favorite place for dinner across the street. (click on name if you are curious about this band) Can't wait!

I have to cut this post short, as I need to hop on over to Etsy to post my items. I'll be back soon :)

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