October 12, 2016

Yay It's October!

 Fried squash blossom with Brandywine tomato salad, tonnato sauce and chervil

 Roasted eggplant ravioli with roasted pimentos and mint pesto

 Grilled Wolfe Ranch quail stuffed with chanterelles; with green beans, little white turnips, and roasted Black Mission figs

 Pear and Concord grape sorbet with mulberry granita

Busy days have kept me away from this blog.  I'm working only three days a week, but the cape orders started to flood in and it is just now that I have no new orders.........That could change tomorrow though. I'm working on a really sweet top and skirt these next few days that I have off, and I'll do a post very soon on it, as I'm nearly done.
My birthday was on the 4th and I had a very happy birthday! I worked earlier in the day then went to dinner with David to my annual Chez Panisse dinner. Last year my birthday fell on a Sunday, and we could not go to CP because they are closed. We have a funny running joke now with Chez Panisse. Seems every October 4th they make quail as the main course! I looked at all the menus that we have kept over the years going there for my birthday, and it seems like close to every year that's what they serve. I even told one of the waiters this and when I saw that yes indeed they were serving quail again, I just had to see if the same waiter was there to see if he remembered the story, and he was there and yes he remembered. He felt badly and asked if I perhaps wanted fish instead. I said why break the tradition! It's always really good, it's just funny. This year it was only us going, because both Caitlin and Cyrous had to work. We did get together the night before for dinner, which was fun and made my birthday celebration last longer! I received many beautiful gifts and loving wishes.

Work has been busy, busy! The store is always hopping and we are always booked with bridal appointments which is great, and fun to see all the happy brides to be.
On the 6th we had a bridal fair with local vendors. I suggested that they bring in the florist that we used for Caitlin's wedding and they did! It was so fun to see Darwin, the florist, come in and check things out to plan the arrangements he was going to do. I did't get to go to it because we had tickets to see the "Lumineers" that night! This concert was probably my very favorite one of all time, next to seeing U2. The way the lead singer played his heart out really was something else!!! I had never been to a concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley and was pleasantly surprised with the acoustics. It was AMAZING! It sounded so clear with no distortion, and it was as if you were listening to the studio version turned up. If you love the "Lumineers," you have to go see them live, you will LOVE it.

 I'm going to leave it here for now, as I have to cook dinner but I promise I will be back sooner than later!

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