May 12, 2017

May Garden Musings

Ok yard, you need to stop showing off! With all the rain, the yard is on fire with life. Extra blooms on the Azalea bush this year, two times the amount of peaches and plums, which of course we are all excited about in our house, and just over all lushness. The peach tree branches are tall enough this year to dance along the kitchen windows with all it's little treasures, it sure will make picking the top ones easy. It's always such a pleasure to watch the peony show unfold. It starts with the dark pink ones, followed by the lighter pink and finally the white ones. They are so beautiful and large. I never know what to do as far as enjoy them all outside, or bring some in the house. I brought more in this year to enjoy, but for some reason, I'm always sad to cut them. Some of the photos of the peonies I took at dusk, and I think it really shows off their ethereal quality.   I just took a little walk around the house and took some pictures of all the fruit trees, just as a documentation as to when each year they are ripening etc. Hope you don't get too sick of all the flowers and fruit. It's just so magical to see them arrive each year that I cannot help myself.
After I finished my little mini collection, I have come to a bit of a stand still. I made the little baby dress and bloomers for my niece who just had a baby a few weeks ago. I really love making these little dresses, and I think I'm going to make more soon. They are the perfect little dress for little ones I think. I keep spinning my wheels as to the whole baby gift thing I mentioned before. I go back and forth with bibs, bonnets and bloomers. Should I do sets, should I just offer them per piece? I just don't know. Perhaps I'll just dive in and just make up various forms and see where it all goes! I just made a really cute bonnet, but have to get the right shade of ribbons for it so I can list it. All of my favorite fabric shops are through the tunnel as we say out here in the East Bay, so I haven't gotten a chance to source more notions.  Hopefully I will be able to tomorrow, as we will be celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday vs. Sunday this year. Why you ask? Well, both Caitlin and I forgot to ask for that day off! I will be working for 4 hours on that :( Oh well, Saturday we are going to brunch and maybe a trip into the city to the museum, and hopefully to Britex. I guess it doesn't matter so much about the actual day you celebrate right? Hahaha
Last weekend we went to Caitlin's friend's bridal shower.  Caitlin and Brooke have been friends since 1st grade! They were inseparable in grade school, and Brooke and her mom even came to visit us when we lived in France. Lots of great memories with this little lady, and now we get to see her take a big step in her life. Her wedding is on May 21st, and we can wait!

Ok...... Remember when a few months ago I told you that Nicole was commissioned to do a project for a major motion picture? I can finally tell everyone, as the movie is out this very week! She made a headpiece for a character in the new "King Arthur" movie! The character is "lady in the lake." I think it is the lady that holds the Excaliber sword. It's pretty exciting and of course I'm a proud mom.  The story on how she got the commission is pretty cool as well. She works at a high end fabric shop in London where all the costumers for movies, and theater shop. She was wearing one of her head pieces that she made on one occasion, when the costumer for King Arthur came  in and pointed to her headpiece. She asked Nicole, "Where did you get that?" Proudly she told her she made it. She pulled her aside and arranged a meeting with Nicole to commission a piece for the movie. She also told the manager of the store. "How long do you think you will be able to keep this one?!!" She has also helped choose fabrics for other movies and television shows. Recently the costumer for Star Wars came in. How funny that they would shop for fabric in London. I think I'll go check out the movie next week to see if I can spot her handiwork :)
Well guys, on that note, I'm off to try and get some work done in the studio today. Hope all the mamas out there have a beautiful and relaxing Mothers Day!


  1. That's such exciting news about Nicole! I will have to watch for her handiwork. Your garden is gorgeous! I have a couple of peony bushes, but they are just the single bloom kind; I love your double blooms, they are so lush. I miss having fruit trees here on the mountain, but with all of our wild life, Im not sure how much we would get to harvest.

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