June 12, 2017

Hello June

The year is half over. Every year when I turn the calendar to the month of June, that is my first thought. I always have a visual or feeling for each month in my head, does anyone else do this I wonder? June reminds me of a basket of fresh picked strawberries and a pitcher of cream to go with it. Of course June also reminds me of our wedding and birthdays of many family members, including my husband and daughter. June is the fresh start to summer, and probably the only month in summer that I really enjoy. By mid July, I'm over summer.  I will have to say though, that I have really enjoyed summer living in this house. The best part for me, is when the deer start to come down from the hills to eat the wild plums, and some of the fruit on the side of the house. In the evening we hear them walking on the side of the house, checking out the peaches and plums. Little stinkers though, will eat many of the ones that are within their reach very quickly if you don't pick them quick enough! The other night, they were roaming very close to our bedroom window. David had gone to bed before me, when all of a sudden, he comes into the living room to tell me that they were making a lot of noise by the window. Heavy breathing and flipping rocks in the landscaping. We turned all the lights out and looked out the bedroom window, to see them gingerly walking on the large rocks, and eating what had dropped from the orange tree and wild plum tree. It is always amazing to see these creatures up close.  A few weekends ago, while looking out my kitchen window, to my surprise I saw a wild California brush rabbit hanging out in the flower bed. I've never seen a wild rabbit in all my years in California.  We have a sensor light in the backyard, and it is constantly going off in the evening, because of all the raccoons and other little animals. I keep wounding what goes through their heads when that light trips! Most likely......Run!!!

I meant to post pictures of Brooke and Trevor's wedding that we attended in May, but alas time got away from me again. Better late than never, so I posted just a few from the day. It was a sweet wedding, and the bride looked gorgeous. Brooke had invited several of her childhood friends from elementary school, so it was fun to go down memory lane, as well as celebrate the beautiful couple of course. Hard to believe all the kids are grown up and getting married, when not long ago we were going to girl scouts, and having sleepovers!

I finally got to work on a few baby items for the shop, they were fun quick little projects and hopefully I can get more items in very soon. I think at the end of June, I'll start working on some fall/winter items and this time be somewhat ahead. I say that now of course, when it isn't blistering hot. My studio tends to be the hottest room in the summer, even though there is an AC vent! I'll go in there, and work for a few minutes, then give up after I start to sweat. Hopefully there won't be too many super hot days.

Lots of changes at work. Many have quit from the original crew that opened the store, and we have a whole new batch of people to get to know. This Anthropologie is huge, so sometimes we never see some of the workers for days, and to commit so many names to memory is tough I must say! Our shop manager from BHLDN is moving on. She was such a good manager, and we will all miss her. Hopefully the right person will take her place, as we have such a great team and it would be a shame to upset the balance we have. I have been getting more styling appointments as it has gotten busier. I think my favorite appointments are the accessories and the moms. The moms tend to get lost in the process I feel, and I like to make them feel just as special.

Today they are filming in our little town. The show they are filming is "13 Reasons Why." Not a light hearted show, but still kinda neat that they chose our town to film some scenes for season two. Caitlin and I went downtown and had some coffee and watched all the big Paramount trucks roll in to set up in a building to shoot. We stood out there for a while with mostly teen girls hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the stars. One of the workers, told us we might be bored as all the filming was going to take place inside. We left for a bit, but then returned later, to see them start to leave and pack up. Out walks the character named Tony. He waved to us and he was then whisked away in an SUV.  We also found out that earlier in the morning, they had filmed about a block away from Caitlin and Cyrous' house! It will be fun to watch what it looks like once they air season 2.
On that note, I'll post soon on celebrations and June fun. Take care and enjoy the beginning of summer!


  1. LOVE the photo of you and David!

  2. I agree! Beautiful picture of you and David! I can't believe it's June, and mid June at that. The months seem to fly by too quickly. I hope you have a great summer. I'm making a chocolate cake with cream cheese - buttercream icing today just because I really want cake! :)

    1. Thanks Julia! Yesterday I was thinking about chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. It's one of my favorite combos.

  3. I see that we agree on summer!! Here, we have deer roaming about year around. And birds!! There is nothing lovelier than cardinals in the leafless trees covered in snow. Even the finches still come to the feeders in the deep winter. Love the sweet little hat. I've given "Sophie" to many new babies.