August 3, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

When August rolls around I'm always looking for signs of fall. Am I the only one doing this? It's hot out, yet I see the light changing bit by bit.The peach and plum trees yielded a lot of fruit this summer, probably because of all the rain. I've made a few tarts with the plums and have so far made muffins with the peaches. We have been just eating the peaches off the tree outside the kitchen window.  I'm really sad that one of the peach trees became so heavy with fruit that two branches snapped. I'll be going out on Friday to pick a bunch of them off, then we can survey the damage to the tree. The deer are happy about it, and visit nightly to snack on the accessible treats. I've scared a few of them when I shut the windows for the night! When they bolt you can hear the force when they run and jump. In the morning I see the sidewalk covered in peach pits hahah. This year we have many, many avocados! They will not be ready until late fall early winter. They look so cute swinging in the wind like tree jewelry.

A couple of weeks ago I hurt my back making my bed of all things. Really nerdy and annoying, but it had me on the couch for a good five days. I'm usually really careful with my back, but one false move is all it took.  For long time readers you may remember that I had a full hip replacement back in 2010. After a lifetime of hip dysplasia, it messed up my back big time. It took me almost 6 month to recover from the operation and work on my herniated disc. I had a wonderful physical therapist that taught me how to take care of my back. Soon as I hurt myself a week ago, I went back to all the techniques that he taught me. Nine days later I was back to my normal. My normal is still chronic back pain and very fragile back, but at least I can walk and move around somewhat normal. It really scares me somedays thinking about how I'll be when I'm really old!  I'm back to work both at Anthropologie/BHLDN, and also back to making some of the pieces for my little fall line for the shop. I finished the cute little linen romper with the bunny as the final summer piece. I had envisioned this one day and decided to throw it in there before I start on fall/winter. It's ready to buy, just click on the side bar under my Etsy.    I had fun embroidering the little collar on the white cotton batiste baby top. I'm making some little winter bloomers in the fabric that you see paired with it in the photo. I just love this print. Normally I like working with small florals, linen, and Liberty of London, but I couldn't resist this print. It's designed by Rifle Paper Co. They recently printed an Alice in Wonderland book with these illustrations. The flower print, below the Alice print, is also theirs. I haven't decided what I want to make with the floral one, but the Alice one, I will be making bloomers, skirts, and possibly a top.  I always have many ideas, it's the time that trips me up as usual, along with the capes. Ah the capes....around now I start to get people favoriting the cape listing and I can usually get a count of how many I have to make. It's already started, and I'm ready with all my red wool and cotton Little Red Riding Hood prints...bring it on :)
Well, I'm writing this at midnight, and I need to go into BHLDN tomorrow. Catch you all later, and enjoy the rest of the summer, even if you might be like me where you are chasing the fall light!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your back, and happy you've recovered. Isn't funny how the simplest things can do us in? I'm quite envious of your fruit trees...oh my goodness, I would be baking all the time. I planted an avocado tree at our home in FL, but a freeze got it before it ever bore fruit.
    I've noticed a change in the light also, but am trying not to rush through summer; It's been a mild one this year so I've been enjoying it instead of counting the days until autumn.