October 5, 2017

What Happened to September?

I have no idea where September went! After I uploaded my first few pictures, I guess I have been pretty busy sewing. I recently got this garment rack for my little outfits. I normally store them in a sealed plastic tub, but wanted to see them all lined up with cute hangers. I love how it all looks together, and will most likely keep them like this. I have a cover to protect them, and I find them easier to get to.
The first week of September, I sewed up two outfits for two lovely ladies at work who are expecting little girls. Since giving the gifts, one has already had her little girl! My other coworker is due in November and her little outfit is the one with the white collar Liberty fabric, and star buttons on the back. I made a cute pair of pink linen bloomers to go with the top. The first one was my classic signature baby dress I made out of Liberty of London fabric and silk organza ruffle collar. I loved making these. I just love giving gifts, especially for babies! Both were well received and I can't wait to see them eventually wear them, probably some time around Easter, since I make them to fit then.
I started with a couple of cape orders at the end of September, and usually I have had more by this time, but so far no orders. Lots of people favorite (ing) the listing, so possibly they will come back and purchase, but it's been lighter this year. Because it has been light, I've just started more fall/winter  items to put in the shop, like the white ruffle collar top and the little wool coat with flannel lining. I certainly have enough ideas to keep myself busy while I wait for more orders.

My birthday was lovely this year. The weather was glorious, as was the company for the day. Dave took the day off and we started out the celebrations with lunch. Caitlin and Cyrous joined us, then we came home and had cake! The dessert on the Chez Panisse menu this year was not very birthday worthy, as you can see in the last photo. However, it paired very well as a final course with the pork dish they served. Having the cake in the afternoon was better for this old gal too, as something like this rarely sits well on the tummy late at night!! Looking back, I should have just gotten some cupcakes, because even a six inch cake is too much. Lately I find myself not wanting sweets hahah.  
I also got to Skype with Nicole before I went to lunch, and that was fun, as she and David coordinated my gift this year. She designed a tote bag with her latest textile design and she made me some cute earrings as well.  
When we got seated for dinner, there was a book on one of the place settings ( seen in photo above). David had called ahead and purchased this book for me form the Chez Panisse site. He went one step extra and had Alice Waters sign it! It says "Happy Birthday Elizabeth!" really fun surprise.  My thoughtful husband, always makes my birthday special every year :)  Can't wait to read the book. Chez Pannisse for dinner always feels like being invited to your favorite friends house and being taken care of with the best food lovingly made just for you.  I don't think I will ever tire of going there.

As you know this is my most favorite time of year and I feel alive with ideas and general mood has lifted from the stifling summer months! Let the cozy months roll in with it candles, comfort foods, and holidays. hopefully I will check in more often than I have lately. Until next time my friends.....


  1. Your birthday sounds like it was a lovely day in every way! Your cake is beautiful. The baby gifts are just precious. And they are extra special because they were made by you! This is also my favorite time of year. I'm ready for cozy nights, cooler weather, comfort foods, and the holidays! I cannot believe Christmas is really right around the corner. I'm excited!!

    1. This time of year is so fun that I want it to go slow and I can't believe it is already October!!