November 10, 2017


For those who follow me on social media, you probably already know that Caitlin and Cyrous are expecting in May! To say we are happy is an understatement.  As I type this today, she is 14 weeks and 4 days. Of course I can't wait to find out the sex, so I can start sewing up little outfits. I have some really cute ideas for either, so as soon as I find out, there will be no stopping me hahah.

I have many thoughts on becoming a grandparent. My first thoughts are how I want to be the grandparent that is always present and always spoiling them, not with material things, but with my time. I just can't wait to tell this little one, how we prayed for them to come down from heaven to join us and how we were all excited when we found out. It was a super hard secret to keep. We were invited to dinner at Caitlin and Cyrous' place on the 1st of September, and right before we dug into our Friday night pizza, Caitlin came out with a small thin box. In it was the pee stick with the word "Yes," and the due date. When you find out this early, it's tough because you hope that it sticks, and as much as you want to tell every single person, you just can't. On their second wedding anniversary, Caitlin posted the sweet little picture of the ultrasound on Instagram, so it was the go ahead to shout it from the roof tops hahah. I can hardly believe their wedding was two years ago when I see the above photo.

I'm always sad that my girls had absentee grandmothers. My mom is checked out as a grandparent and my mil checked out soon as my sister in law started having her kids.  I myself didn't have a grandmother figure around. As much as I loved my grandmother, I lost communications once my parents divorced. I have very little memories with her, but the ones I do have are sweet. Both my mom and mil had no excuses, except for being self absorbed I suppose. I could write a lot on this, but I'll spare you because it's just too sad. At least the girls did have good grandfather figures, and my step mom has been great.
My sister lucked out with her mother in law, and she is a woman that I seriously look up to as a role model on how to be a grandmother. Her name is Christina and she has 13 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, soon to be 14, and one great great grandchild. All these kids range from adult to babies. The times I have visited, I'm always impressed with how engaged she is with all of them. No favorites, because all of them are special. I've seen her play and talk to the real little ones, then have funny conversations with the teens and twenty year old kids. She is super grandma. They call her G mama. She even took my kids under her wing, and every birthday, no matter how tight things are for her, she sends a card with a five dollar bill in it. She always remembers my birthday too.  This is who I would love to be like as a grandmother. She is beloved, and when her days are done, will be remembered with love and respect. So.....I'm ready to embark on becoming the best grandmother I can be. The cycle of absentee grandmother ends with my mom and mil.

On another note, I got caught up in making many capes these last few weeks, and why I have been absent from this space. This year all my orders came very late, and was surprised with so many people reaching out in desperation for rush orders. Mostly for parties the weekend leading up to Halloween!  Anyway, I was one order short of the normal 10 that I seem to average. I just finished dusting my studio of red wool, and now I'm on to making some pieces that I've been wanting to make for a while. Stay tuned as always.
Speaking of Halloween, this year we went over to Caitlin and Cyrous' house for dinner and to help pass out candy. Their neighborhood is more trick or treat friendly than our place, so we thought it would be more fun to spend it there. Caitlin made a yummy pot roast recipe that topped polenta. She also made red velvet cup cakes for dessert.
Thanksgiving plans are swirling in my head, but mostly of dessert recipes and table top decor. I rarely  stray from the classics on that day, so I know what I'm making for dinner. I usually introduce a new dessert on top of pumpkin pie of course. I was hoping to use some persimmons for my Thanksgiving table, but the ones above, I gave to a friend, thinking I would go and pick more a few days later. I just went out there and someone stripped the tree bare! Really annoying!!! It had to be someone with a picker, because there weren't even any on the top. In the summer I caught my neighbor with her friend helping themselves to peaches! Why are people creeps? They just  better keep their mitts off the avocados in the front yard!
Lots of changes at work.  Both managers have moved on. One on maternity leave, and the other found a better job. Our tight little band of ladies at work has slowly been dismantling with only four of us originals left. Not sure how much longer I can stay on, as some of the changes have not been great, and it hasn't been as fun to go in as it was in the beginning. Once I hang up my hat there, I'll have to spill a bit on how that company runs. I'm constantly shaking my head. I'm only there three days a week, so most of what has gone on really doesn't affect me. I just don't like seeing good people being knocked down. I'll save the details for another post.
Last weekend I made a super yummy apple galette. I used my stepmom's crust recipe and Alice Water's recipe for the apple part. It was so good! All summer I made galettes instead of pies, and now I'm hooked.
Ok, well that's my recap of October, hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween!

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  1. So, so excited for you and the upcoming arrival of a sweet, new baby to love. It's just so special! You are are going to be an awesome grandmother, I just know it. And it will be one well dressed little one with all your handmade darling outfits. I'm excited for Thanksgiving, too. I'm making a new dish this year: Smitten Kitchens green bean casserole with crispy fried onions and a chocolate bundt cake from her new cookbook which I am absolutely loving at the moment. Happy Thanksgiving!! It's next week and I'm so excited!