July 14, 2018

Summer and Lots of Pictures of Ruby

 Five Days old and out for a walk

 Eight days old

 Father's Day, and one week old

 June 20th, David's birthday

 Fourth of July,  Almost 8 weeks old

Hi everyone, I didn't mean to disappear for so long!  Starting to put pictures up of Ruby to make some kind of chronological picture story of her growth. Of course I could flood the entire blog post with just pictures of her, but I resisted and inserted a few family celebrations and fourth of July. I had to work on Father's day....oops forgot to ask for the day off, so David spent the time with the kids while I was at work for 4 hours. The night before I marinated some flank steak using my favorite recipe I found on Pinterest. Then Monday was our 35th wedding anniversary! We went to Chez Panisse for dinner and it was a really lovely ride over to Berkeley, as we went on the back roads. One day break in the celebrations, then it was David's birthday.  He decided he wanted to spend the day in Berkeley and Oakland having lunch and visiting some of his favorite shops to spend some birthday money.  We stopped by one of our favorite chocolate shops in Berkeley called Casa de Chocolates, ( click on name to check out this great shop.) and bought some Tres Leches cake to celebrate at home with Caitlin and Ruby...Cyrous is teaching summer school so could not be with us. We saved him a piece of cake though!

Ruby, Ruby.....what can I say? She is a delight and a dream come true, I'm really enjoying being a grandparent. We are fortunate to live so close to them that we can see her at least once a week. I have taken quite a bit of photos as you can imagine, so get ready for most of my posts to have pictures on this sweet angel baby. On fourth of July she wore that little knit onesie I made with my first adventure on my serger. She many not get to wear it very much, since she is growing so fast! She is already almost 12 pounds and almost 24 inches long. We think that she is going to have her daddy's long legs. It's fun to see each week how much she has changed. When I look back at the first few weeks of her life up until now, she is a whole different little baby! Her cute little personality is starting to shine through and she is now flashing real smiles at us. She also loves to stare intently at us and we have all had fun having staring contests with her.  She's a joy!

Summer so far has been quite nice, due to lovely weather. I can't even complain as usual. It makes for a nice gentle pace, and because of this I have been spending more time out on the patio enjoying the new humming bird feeder we bought. I use to have this really neat red glass feeder, but it leaked sadly, and it seemed not to be visited as much. So we bought this old school one and some really nice nectar with electrolytes and other nutrients in it. They sure are greedy little guys. The other day I took the feeder off the hook to replenish their treats, and one hovered in the empty spot and stared at me through the kitchen window quite disappointed and flitted off. Soon as I hung it back up, he was back in a matter of seconds. The feeder is near our neighbors giant apple tree, so I think they feel really protected while consuming their treat. In the mornings I love to sit on the patio and watch them zoom in and out. Lots of fighting between them as well, but for the most part they are civil.  Best money I have spent to date!

Last week I got two cape orders. It seems each year it gets earlier and earlier, and always is hard to cut hot wool on a summers day. After I got the orders, I realized those were the last two that I could make since I ran out of wool. I quickly called my supplier and thank the lord above they had a whole bolt of it. I raced over there and this time bought the whole bolt from them. Usually I buy a handful of yards as the orders come in, but I decided to be better prepared for the cape season and go for the entire bolt. I stopped by the sewing machine shop, that I bought my Bernina, to also by more special red thread for the heart embroidery that I do on them. The sales woman gave me a demo on the newest Babylock serger. Man oh man.....I was impressed and really want one now. I had told her that it took forever for me to use mine because the threading etc. She said that shouldn't be the case if you had one that worked as well as the Babylock one. She was right! So simple and endless creative ideas could unfold with it. Price tag is steep, but I think I'll start saving up for one. Plus they said they would take mine in as a trade in, so it could knock the price down a bit, not much I'm sure, as mine is a low rent Brother. Well.....it's now my new goal though to have one!
I'm still working on my new merchandise ideas...slow going, but it's getting there.

Well guys, I'm off to enjoy the day....hope summer is treating everyone well.


  1. Ruby is such a darling subject for your photography!!


  2. It sounds like June was a busy month for you filled with lots of fun celebrations! Little Ruby is an absolute doll! I know you are enjoying being a grandmother. She is just precious! Those blue and white hydrangeas are beautiful on your table. Did you grow them? Enjoy the rest of the summer. I can barely believe it's already mid July.

    1. Ruby certainly is a little doll and we are so in love with her! Sadly I do not have a hydrangea bush in my yard. I use to when I lived farther north by the coast. I loved having them. These are from Trader Joe's.

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