October 20, 2018

Summer Hibernation is Over

Hi!!!! I really did not intend to be gone from this space for so long. Summer passed in a blink of an eye, and I can't say I'm sad about it. We had a lot of really scary fires here in California, and we still are not out of danger yet. I think it was late July when a fire started up in the hills behind our house! People were freaking out including us. We had no idea what to take first from the house as we saw the smoke so close. After an hour or so of uncertainty, a police officer drove by to assure people that it was contained and there was no need for evacuation. This is a part of why I don't like summer. My dad worked for the Forest Service, and every summer  I remember him fighting fires, but mainly in southern California. So I equate summer with fires, heat, more fires . Each year I worry, and this past summer was so scary.  My heart goes out to those in the fires in Redding and Mendocino this past  summer. Just a few more weeks until we start getting some rain, and we can all breath a little easier. Anyway......summer just came and went and pretty much tried to enjoy all the little milestones of little miss Ruby. She is the sunshine in all our lives as you can imagine. I love to take lots of pictures and videos of her, so I can enjoy them when I'm not in her company. I truly meant to do a better job on here with up dates on her, but it all ended up on Instagram instead. So, if you want to check them out, I put all videos in my highlights on there.

We didn't take a vacation or go anywhere this summer, so no news or stories on that. We did have a nice visit in August from some old college friends. The first picture was the table setting I did for our dinner with them. They brought their Italian exchange student with them, and we all had a nice time catching up and meeting a new friend.

On the Etsy front, I'm still dragging my feet guys! I've been filling cape orders off and on since September, and still trying to figure out what I want to fill the shop with. The pictures of the tiny clothing above went to Ruby of course, but I have been photographing them to put in my Etsy shop as made to order pieces. I'm kinda mad right now at Etsy for taking such a big percent of our sales, and on top of that a percentage of the shipping as well! Trying to figure out if it is all worth it in the end. As usual, I'll share what I will be doing with the shop, but right now I'm disillusioned a bit with Etsy.

Yesterday we took Ruby to the pumpkin patch. As you can tell from the photos it was very sunny! I have some memories of taking my girls to this very same pumpkin patch several years ago, and the sun beating down then hahaha. We only stayed for a few pictures, and after choosing a few pumpkins we left. Caitlin's friend Vanessa came with us.  I couldn't help but think about how much time has passed when I looked at them and remembered all the old high school days they shared. Time marching on....but in such a delightful way.
The photos of all the leaves changing and the apples are from the yard of course. This year the neighbors apple tree really pulled out all the stops. We pilfered some that hung over on our side of the yard. Normally I would not do this, but since I caught this neighbor last year with bag in hand cleaning out our peaches, I feel that we deserve a few of these apples!

I'm still working part time at the store, that I will not name, because last time I did, they found my post and I had to explain why I wrote what I did. It's been up and down is all I can say. There are days that I love being there and making someones big day special with the right attire, but then there are days I just wish I was at home sewing, because I'm not wanting to deal with some of the pettiness that comes with retail. It's tough because I'm the type of person that doesn't quit something easily, yet at the same time  there comes a point when you have over stayed in a position. I love my manager, so that is what is keeping me there, and the discounts on the merchandise truth be told hahah.

This post is becoming a bit all over the place. I just didn't want to leave the blog resting too long, but didn't want to launch into a big recap of the nearly two and half months that I have been missing. It's a small hi how are you, and yes I'm still alive I suppose :)

Next up for projects.....going to start on a Christmas stocking for Ruby, so on that note I'll end it there and I'll be back more, since it is my favorite time of year with more to blog about. Bye for now!


  1. Ruby is adorable!
    Follow your heart and do what you feel is best all around.

    M : )

  2. Hello Elizabeth! It's so nice to see a new post from you! And little Miss Ruby is an absolute doll! Oh my goodness, she's just so precious. I know you are enjoying every minute you get to spend with her. The holidays are going to be so much fun with her this year. I look forward to seeing her Christmas stocking.

    I think I would work where you work just for the discount, as I spent too much money there on Saturday! :) I do hope that things improve for you. You will know when it's time to move on, though.

    Happy Fall! I know you love this time of year as much as I do.