June 22, 2009

Final destination/ Paris, part 7

Back in France, to the city of light. Going to Paris is bittersweet for me I must say. So many memories of our time there,and seeing some things that have changed and some that have not, is always tough. While it will always have a piece of my heart, I feel her slipping away a bit. Although I think we still know it very well, mostly because my dear husband LOVES to drive in that city! Most tourists that go to Paris, end up on the Metro or bus system. Not us, we get to zip around all parts of the city. You really get a unique perspective when you drive all over the city. While living there, it was always fun to get lost, because you always found interesting things to see and discover. We also have familiar routes throughout the city as well. Walking in this city is great too, but given that I have hip issues, Davids willingness and love of driving in this city, is a godsend! Anyway, getting back to the sites......The Louvre is like an old friend to me. I was a member of the museum when we lived there, and we would spend every Sunday getting to know her. This trip however, we went to a branch of it off to the side, to visit the "Les Arts Decoratifs." This was closed when we lived there,and when I went in 2006, it still wasn't ready for visitors. If you go, do not eat at the cafe there!!! One of the most disgusting lunches I've ever eaten in France! The museum is huge,and there is so much eye candy. I was sad that the textiles section was once again closed, but I did enjoy what I did get to see.
This is in front of the Arts Decoratif
Layers of loveliness!! I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

This whole room is filled with the possessions of the clothing designer "Lanvin," it was stunning!

Back outside, I was so excited to see this old woman, because when we lived there, we use to see her all over that area of Paris feeding the birds. We were so happy to see that she was still happily doing just that.
The hedges were covered in all kinds of birds as she was feeding them. They were so use to her, that I could get very close and snap a few pictures of the birds.
She was moving on to a different location,and they were all following her. Caitlin video taped it!

Tomorrow I'll show you our trip to Versailles......Stay tuned


  1. Thanks for showing us Paris and the wonderful Parisian bird feeder. I must go back to see Les Arts Decoratif now that its restored.

  2. The story about the lady and the birds made my heart smile,
    It worth a story for a book......
    Thank you for sharing Paris! I have never been there but now I do in some way with you!