December 2, 2009

Baby love

My cousin had a baby girl on November 30th. I have forgotten her exact weight, but she was a healthy 7+ pounds. So cute!!! They haven't settled on a name yet, but when I went to visit, it was looking like her name may be Maekela Gabrielle. I think it suits her and I hope they choose this name. I made up a bouquet of carnations and we went off to see her yesterday....
All bundled up like a little burrito :)
Baby hands are the cutest things on earth!
Well, the feet are pretty darn cute too.
Holding my second cousin
Caitlin got her turn
Then safely back in mommy's arms!! She will be loved plenty, by her doting father and big sister, Alexandra, waiting at home.
Welcome to the planet little one!


  1. congratulations to all pretty lady. love the name and such a beautiful baby!

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet! What a darling baby. :) Congratulations and best wishes to you all Elizabeth. xo

  3. Congratulations on the adorable new addition to your family.
    She's a cutie!


  4. All that hair! Love it! Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures.

  5. So wonderful, I almost cried! Congratulations!

  6. elizabeth, gorgeous, dark hair must run in your family!


  7. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. I'd love to hold one right now. You look very natural holding little sweetie, maybe you should drop some hints?!@?? Nerm