April 25, 2010

Bakesale Betty's

The line is always looks like this,when the doors open to Bakesale Betty's. Everyone knows in the Bay Area, this is just what you have to do to get that amazing chicken sandwich. Betty is an alum from Chez Panisse, and hails from Austrailia. She and her husband opened Bakesale Betty's in 2002. We missed out on this opening while living in France, and it took us a while to get the scoop on it. I think I went for the first time a couple years ago. Then I took my husband, and he was hooked too. Betty's portions are very generous, and while you are standing in this line, she sometimes comes out, wearing her bright blue wig, and hands out free baked goods while you wait. They are so efficient, that you don't stand in line for long. The reason you probably don't, is because there are only two to three choices of sandwiches, and as you are getting in the doors, you can ask for the baked good, while they grab your sandwich choice. I would say though that almost everyone is there for the chicken sandwich.
I'm at the end of the line in this picture.....
getting a bit closer, and it has only been about four min.
We are now in the door!! The sandwich will soon be ours!!
Cue hipster music, and this guys rocking out while they are making these extremely tasty sandwiches. They always have great music playing by the way.
I love how all the coleslaw juice is splattered all over the glass.
I can taste it now.....
We split this one, because last time I couldn't quite finish it, but I must say, that I could have eaten the whole thing this time. The chicken sandwich is a huge breast piece, that has been marinated, so it is very moist, then battered.The coleslaw is vinegar based and is spicy with jalapenos. Now, I normally do not eat fried foods or any thing breaded, but when something tastes like this, you just can't help it.
This is the seating you will find at BB, the bright colored ironing boards are all lined up along the sidewalk with the little stools. When the weather was as good as it was yesterday, it was a delight to sit out there.
This isn't the best picture of Betty's treats, but boy are they good. We had hoped to have one of the most popular desserts there, strawberry shortcake, but they sold out. There was a lady that had waited in line, got in, and was told they had sold out. Dejected, she walked out the door and broke the sad news to others in the line. There was a collective," Awww Man."
The other fun thing about going there, it that they are extremely generous with giving a lot of their baked goods away. On another visit, I ordered a couple of cookies and a sandwich, and when I opened the bag, there was a slice of banana bread and another cookie. Somedays, if they are really busy and selling out, you may not be as lucky.
I snapped this photo on my way out of all the beautiful Acme rolls they use. Acme is one of the best bread bakeries in the Bay Area, another alum from Chez Panisse opened this years ago.
As we were finishing our lunch this guy started setting up.......
Then his friends showed up. Fun music, pretty day, and excellent food!!


  1. I think I'd only have room for half that oatmeal cookie because I'm going to eat the whole sandwich. Makes our Sunday supper hash less appealing. Actually, I copied the hash recipe (potatoes, onions, beets, garlic and a large juicy leftover pork chop) from one of the Berkeley places where we had breakfast/brunch one morning. I do have those places written down in my California file and will add Bakesale Betty's address as well. I guess to be assured of a seat, one could bring their own ironing board.


  2. Hmmm, I just replied to you on my own blog. I'm a little addlepated this afternoon. It was Rick and Ann's and we waited in an entry "room" for a table. They served us free coffee and it was nice to sit and sip. I did/do wonder why they don't put tables in that room as well. We all liked what we ordered. Adam and Lauren go often.

    Back to the hash.


  3. I love places like this...hip, casual, friendly and great food. Thanks for sharing another of your great finds.

  4. Definitly the best sandwich around. And the cookies! Yummy. I've heard the strawberry shortcake is also very good. She only makes that when the strawberries are good, which should be very soon.....might have to take a trip over there soon.

  5. Ahhh the bay area at it's finest. I grew up in So Cal but my husband and his whole family grew up in Santa Clara, San Jose and the surrounding areas. I am going to have to put Bakesale Betty's on my list of spots to visit next time were are up that way. Looks amazing!!!

  6. Mmmmmmm. I can't stop thinking about that sandwich....

  7. Sounds oh so yummy---now I'm really ready for dinner!
    Looks like you had a fun time.
    How are you feeling?

  8. Looks Yummy! Glad you had a fun day.