May 3, 2010

Crown and Crumpet, and a fun weekend

First off I would like to say that these beautiful photos were taken by event photographer Drew Altizer, and they are pure eye candy aren' they. We went to this tea shop in San Francisco called "Crown and Crumpet." I forgot my camera, but I'm actually glad, because it was very
crowded when we went, and these photos show it off much better than I could have. It was so much fun. It was a proper English tea, including real clotted cream for the scones!!
I chatted with one of the co-owners, and she was so friendly, even though the placed was mobbed, she took the time to make us feel very welcome. We went on a whim, so we didn't get the best seat,and for that reason, you should make reservations, but our experience was still fun.
Of course they have a darling little gift shop as well, where you can buy all things tea related.
Give it a try if you are ever in that part of San Francisco.

Our other excursion was to go to Marin, to visit the store "Sundance" I received the catalog a few days ago, and then realized there was a store in Marin, so we decided to check it out. We all got some beautiful things from there, and enjoyed our visit. They have beautiful shoes and unique clothing.
Going backwards, to Saturday, we attended a re-opening of our down town Gap. Because of some shuffling around, our Gap and kids/baby Gap, got displaced, and the kids shop completely shut down. It was sad, as I love to get basics at Gap, and also gifts for the little ones there.
Fast forward to Saturday, and they reopened in a huge location(formally Pottery Barn Kids). Ushering in our new location, was Jay Sario from "Project Runway." Funny to see him there, after we just finished watching the season finale. He was very pleasant, and not what I expected. He didn't come off as very friendly on the show, but you know how reality shows edit things to make it more dramatic.
So, all in all we had a very fun weekend, filled with eating good food, and great shopping!
Next post I'll show you some projects I hope to get to, soon as my darn back cooperates .
Hope everyone else had a great weekend.


  1. I'm beginning to refer to you as my "Bay Area Restaurant Adviser"! That tea room is exactly how I picture one to be. What a delightful place to go with my daughter-in-love. I know you must enjoy those outings with your girls.

    I do hope your back will improve soon. It must be frustrating to not get back to life as you want it to be sooner.


  2. that tea place looks like a lot of fun. a very happy girly place.

  3. Ditto for my husband. We are lucky ladies. Actually, my husband went to an English boarding school so he does enjoy a proper tea. I have told him we are going to start afternoon tea when he retires. It's just so civilized!


  4. Hi,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'm so glad your daughter sent you over so I could in turn find you! It's great to meet fellow Bay Area Bloggers!! I love your post on this amazing SF Tearoom and am anxious to go look around some more.
    I look forward to following you and getting to know you. Hopefully we can meet one day :)
    Have a wonderful week!!

  5. You can't beat afternoon tea, can you? Or a spot of retail therapy! Looks like you had a great weekend.

  6. crown and crumpet looks like the most wonderful place. so much pattern and color. i'm glad you're getting out and about more often.

  7. That tea room is amazing!!! Next time I am in SF with a little time I am definitely heading there... very very cool decor. I was just leaning about real clotted cream - only certain cows can produce the milk with the right fat content for the ideal clotted cream. Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, England. Wonder if there are any cows in the US that are of caliber...

    What a fun weekend!!