May 9, 2010

CCA Senior Fashion show 2010

Friday was a fun and crazy busy day. Family came into town to attend Nicole's fashion show of her senior collection. We had dinner near by, and unfortunately, Nicole could not meet us because she was at the school getting ready for the show. This post is picture heavy, so be warned. Just thought I'd share a few bits and bobs of the day.........
We had dinner at Sally's After Dark, near the school, and it was quite yummy. We recommend this place if you happen to be in Potrero Hill neighborhood in San Francisco.

My nephew was so impressed with his kids dinner, because it was far from a normal kids dinner! Glad to see a restaurant get this right, and serve real food to kids.....Anyway..
Cyrous was trying to be serious......
Then he finally broke....
Off to the show now, and if you have been watching "Project Runway," you will notice Amy Sarabi second to the left. She is a CCA alum. Nicole had a class with her a few years back. We sat directly across from her.
Here comes Nicole's collection. To say I'm a proud mom is an understatement!! Nicole poured so much heart and soul into her work, and We are so, so proud of how her collection turned out. You can click on the photos to see them larger. The name of her collection was "Treasures of the Sea."
Loved this rain coat, and the dress under it. You can't see the detail, but the fabric was designed by her, and had small crabs done in little dots. Super cute up close.
Love this coat! It is made of wool cashmere, don't know if you can see the blue lobsters on it, but they were all handmade for her.

If I could fit in this coat, I'd buy it from her.
This was a darling two piece outfit that was made of vintage 1940's silk.
I loved watching the audience when this came down the runway, everyone had a smile on their faces and clapped as it went by.
You really can't see how beautiful this top is from this picture, but again, if I could fit into it I would want it! I did get to help out with some of the work in her collection. I wish I could have helped more, but my physical condition wouldn't let me. I did some had work for her, like the embroidery on the shorts above, and some of the hemming. She had a good friend at her side to help her, and she was a life saver.

This is the final piece, and again, the photo really doesn't do the dress justice, since the fabric is so delicious !! So, those were Nicole's pieces that made the final cut for the show. She had more, but most students were allowed a max of five. I have tons of photos from the show, but I don't want to bore you with all of them. Here are a few highlights......
Can't believe some of these models walked down the runway on point!!

Loved this lingerie collection

This collection reminds me of white carnations.
There were two children's wear designers. I liked this one the best.
Here they are at the end of the show....

Nicole marching out with one of her models.
Hi Nicole!!!
She is looking over at us and grinning with a huge sigh of relief I think, because it is all over!
The show was so well put together, and presented.
We were very proud parents that night!! Good Job kid!


  1. Firstly, I will return to decide my favorite, if possible. Secondly, please introduce me to Nicole so that I will be able to say I knew her/know her before her label goes through the roof! Amazing! Kudos, etc.


  2. That is so exciting! I love her collection, especially the colors. Very cool.

  3. Oh my gosh, Elizabeth, I am overwhelmed by not only what a huge honor this was for Nicole, but by how amazingly creative and beautiful her pieces were. You gave a shout-out about how many photos were on this post, but I wanted to see more! You have every right to be proud. She is talented, so very talented.

  4. Congratulations to everyone!

    Looks like fun.

    Hope you had a Mother's Day!


  5. that is really wonderful and exciting! congrats nicole!

    i esp. LOVE the raincoat. i would totally wear it!

  6. I came back to select my favorite. I can't. If I thought I'd fit into them, I just say send them all and charge my husband!!!!! That vintage silk outfit is wonderful. The shorts and blouse, oh my. The cashmere coat--well, I could still wear it here in all it's drapey loveliness. Nicole, obviously, is extremely talented.


  7. wow! I love the coats and that lilac blouse.
    congratulations nicole and to the proud mama.

  8. Fabulous stuff. Well done, Nicole.

  9. nicole is such a creative designer and congratulations to her (and you) on such a major accomplish. i can see the inspiration in her collection, but it's not too literal. i loved it.

    the day looks wonderful and you must be beyond proud. xo, c

  10. So so awesome! I loved this post! She looks so happy, yay Nicole!!

  11. I enjoyed so much looking at all the pictures (and clicking to view them bigger !) they were all so stylish and creative/unique ! (although i admit a little weakness for the raincoat !)
    well done Nicole !
    and shall I add I'm super happy she had all her favorite people by her side !
    thank you for sharing this exciting day Elizabeth

  12. Very cool! I'm a big "Project Runway" fan and I am in awe of people like those on the show and your daughter who can dream up and then EXECUTE such pieces! I sew quilts...with sort of straight lines. Straight-ish.

  13. What an amazing collection! Congratulations Nicole. Elizabeth Moon, you are so right: the colors are wonderful. I swooned over the lines of each creation. Brava!