May 11, 2010

CAA graduation

I really like graduations, for me they are a time of reflexion of all that was accomplished. When your kid graduates from 8th grade, you know that is will be the first of at least two more graduations, then high school graduation rolls around, and that can be charged full of emotion, especially if your kid is going away to college, and also filled with hopes and dreams of the coming future. College graduation is major! In this day and age, with many obstacles in the way for our young adults, it is amazing how it all comes together and they are there on that important day collecting their diploma. As I sat there on Saturday, I couldn't help remembering my own college graduation, and what it took to get there. I remember many days wanting to quit, and then with the help and support of good friends, I soldiered on. My last year of college, I was pregnant with Nicole, and as I sat there on Saturday, I remembered that day, as if it were yesterday. I actually thought I was going to go into labor, as the commencement speaker droned on. Thank goodness that did not transpire, but my first born was there with me as I accepted my diploma. I got a little misty I must say, thinking how on this day, it seems to have come full circle. For me college graduation was bittersweet, I don't know what Nicole feels, but I loved college, and counted them as some of the best years of my life.
Like all graduations, they are truly a beginning and not an end. Hard earned diplomas, gearing you up for another chapter in your life.
Congratulations my dear Nicole.... This is just the beginning of great things for you.

Alice Waters was the commencement speaker. Loved her speech, she is a gem.
Nicole getting her diploma. She told me that the president, who was handing out the diplomas, told her that he really loved her work.

Racing on by and happy as a lark.....
Of course everyone has to have a picture with the graduate

Caught Pierre not smiling..oops...Our dear friend and Nicole's godfather, Joe came for the event.
Proud auntie Victoria takes a turn....
Cousins and sister
After the reception, we went back into the room to collect Nicole's pieces from the show, and one last glance back at a room where she spent so much time .......Farewell CCA.


  1. yippee ! you' must be such a proud Mom (and Nicole must be so... relieved ! how stressful this must have been even though there's so much fun in creating) especially when this happened on (the US) mother's day weekend !
    congratulations Nicole !

  2. Congratulaions to you and dear Nicole. It seems like only yesterday when she came to babysit for us. Now a new chapter. We are so excited for her and consider it a blessing that she has been part of our life.

  3. Congratulations to you and Nicole.
    Grauation is a proud moment for parents and the Grad.


  4. Congratulations, Nicole! Yeay!!! Now what?!

  5. I like graduations too! In fact, we're going to one on Saturday in Houston. My husband is being honored as a former graduate. Should be a fun weekend--and warmer than here!

    loved seeing more photos from Nicole's big event. You must be so proud of her accomplishments.


  6. Isn't it great when all of the hard work pays off? What a lovely day of well deserved celebrations.