May 18, 2010

Three month anniversary of my total hip replacement

Today is my three month mark, from surgery. For some, this post may be boring, but just in case there is someone out there googling "total hip replacement," this may be of some help.
Oddly, I feel really good today! Don't know if it is mental, or if truly things are starting to work it self out. I was just thinking today about how horrible those first few days, weeks were after the surgery. I really wished that I was told more comprehensively how bad it was going to be. Most people, me being one of them, thought that once you had the hip replaced, you would be up and around, and all the pain you were experiencing would be gone! Ha! I guess it is common sense that undergoing such a big surgery, this is far from the truth. Why is it then, that all you hear is. "wow, you are going to love it!" Or my favorite, no one ever says they regretted getting it. Let me tell you though, honestly, there were days that I wish I never got it done. The recovery is NOT fun, and sometimes very frustrating.
I must say though today, I feel almost there and ready to start an exercise program soon. My hip oddly feels fine now, not that I had joint pain, but I had swelling of the tissues, and where the incision is was quite tender. Last Monday, I woke up to virtually no pain in that area, and it continues to feel just fine. My major up hill battle has been with my lower back. I ended up having to work on that issue with my physical therapist instead of the hip strengthening exercises. Last week the back started to give in and behave, with one little blip on Friday, but it is feeling so much better now.
Today, on my anniversary, I was able to vacuum, make my bed, do the dishes, go to Whole Foods without my cane, eat lunch there without my lumbar pillow, and I just finished baking some banana bread! Two weeks ago, I couldn't do any of this. I'm crossing my fingers, and being very careful not to over do it. I'm hoping by the 6th month mark, I can say that I am back to my water exercise class, and maybe doing more things that I love, like sitting down to sew.
If anyone stumbles upon this and needs some moral support, or any info on total hip replacement, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, I would be happy to give you any support, or info you need.
Cheer me on for another three months of recovery!


  1. You should definitely treat yourself & celebrate today !
    I haven't been through this type of surgery, however I've never thought it would be as easy & instant as recharging some batteries... (it's been a winding road, isn't it ?)Because what I've unfortunately experienced with my foot injury taugh me about the same : that it is long and that you have to be happy for each & every improvement or it's too hard mentally...
    Thinking of you

  2. i think how you feel emotionally about your hip is probably more important the the physical part and it sounds like you're in a good place. plus, changing our minds usually doesn't involve any physical exertion just some mental calisthenics ;).

    i'm glad you're getting better everyday and it seems like you do a lot, but you are right to be cautious. no setbacks and full steam ahead.

    happy anniversary!

  3. Interesting to read your note, I am due to have mine replaced in 5 weeks and have heard all the same words. I am glad you are feeling better. To me it's one of those life events I don't want to take time for or do, but I have no choice as the head has died. Good luck

  4. Three months already! You go girl!! I am sending you a virtual hug now, from me to you<3

  5. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations on the anniversary. I remember when I had my gallbladder out that I kept wondering when I was going to feel "normal" again.
    I still have days a years and three months later that I fight with issues.
    Continued success to your recuperation--good luck!


  6. I've heard from reports from hip replacement patients. A dear friend took months to recuperate. Another friend was out and about, back for farming and his art, in a month.

    Treat yourself well. I hope your healing will speed up. At least you are getting out to Whole Foods--great "medicine".


  7. Good to hear of the progress being made. Have a great weekend.

  8. Elizabeth,
    I'm so glad that you are truly feeling better and that you are feeling that recovery is possible. It seems that you are getting past the physical ups and downs of recovery.

  9. Hi
    I've been meaning to take a minute and jot off a note...but as you know, the weather has been glorious and I am having trouble getting anything done indoors. Hopefully your damp weather will pass and you will be feeling even better to enjoy the sun and warmth. We need a sunny summer here...we've had a couple cool and wet ones. Not good for the cottage industry and our little town.
    Take care Elizabeth and just keep doing whatever you're doing to heal. It sounds like it's working!

  10. i'm so happy for you! recovery, i guess, never happens as quickly as one would like and it can be a challenge in patience. it seems though like you're taking everything in stride, which is great.

    it's good to push yourself but you're right, it's not a good idea to over do it and essentially be taking a couple of steps back. anyway, i'm sure you will be feeling really fabulous in due time! :)

  11. popping in again to wish you an EXTRA SUPER GREAT weekend !
    hopefully the weather has improved... not that it matters anyway when you're in a jacuzzi sipping a glass of fine wine ;) !