October 7, 2010

Birthday Loot

My dear husband gave me two things, one being this nifty pen case, to protect the nice pens he has given me in the past. You see, I had two beautiful and very expensive pens once, in a leather holder, that I guarded with my life, and would carry everywhere. Then one day they were GONE! To this day, I have no idea where I could have set them down, it is just not like me to forget to put my pens back. The other pen holder carried two, so there went my beautiful Cartier pen and my Waterman pen!! He has since replaced them, but he could not replace the Waterman pen because it was from France, and it was the most gorgeous blue, that they don't make anymore :( Anyhoo.... I now have a nice pen holder, but I'm afraid to put in in my purse, for fear the same will happen again. I love the case though dear.
My Dad and step-mom recently got back from a trip to Prague, and went to the Mucha museum,
and thought of me when they were there, by giving me this beautiful gift. I LOVE IT!!!
What is this you might ask? Well, it is a child sized dress form, given to me by Nicole and Pierre, with part of my gift also being a lesson in draping and pattern making. I've always wanted to design children's clothing. This will be so much fun! Thank you Nicole and Pierre.
Above is a super cute card Caitlin drew for me. I love all the handmade cards she gives all of us for birthdays and Christmas. This one will be tucked away with all the others, it is adorable as usual!
She also got me some bath goodies, along with........................................
This hourglass, that I have always wanted. Thanks Caitlin!
Cyrous got me these cute woodland animal candles, and my favorite champagne! Can't wait to drink it :) Thanks Cyrous.
My pen pal, that I have been writing to in one form or another, for about 38 years now, sent me this cute Halloween decoration. Thanks Carolyn, she looks cute, by all the mini pumpkins.

My mother in law sent me some birthday money, along with this book, that looks like a very good read. Thanks Joan. Also a thank you to my father in law and his wife Genevieve, for a very nice card and birthday money. I already have some fun things I want to buy with it ;)
This is the other gift my husband gave me, but it will not arrive until either tomorrow or Monday. The picture of it does not resemble how pretty the leather is in real life. I had to snag this from the Cole Hann web site. I really needed a brown purse so this will be a nice addition.

Thank you , Thank you , to all my family and friends that helped me celebrate my birthday. A warm virtual hug to all my blog friends that left me such nice comments on my other birthday post. You all made my day very special!


  1. I think your whole family are keepers!! I love fountain pens and have several. I also have an ink collection. I guess I need to write more!

    I liked "The Historian" and didn't realize she had a new book out. I'm going to check it out.


  2. wow, loot is right. you got some really wonderful thoughtful gifts. happy belated birthday!

  3. Wow! Those are some fabulous gifts!

  4. Sounds like you scoredsome great loot for your birthday!!
    Hope it was grand.


  5. Happy birthday Elizabeth!

    I am libra too; my birthday was on the 29th of September!

    The gifts are so cleverly chosen, can't choose who is my favorite!
    The greeting card from Caitlin- soooo cute! Bag from Dave- fantastic!

    Looking forward seeing baby clothes made from you!

    Ivana from Zagreb, Croatia

  6. Lovely presents. Now please let us into your secret for looking so youthful!

  7. Cant wait to start teachin next week! I love the little animal candles and the Prague decanter!!!!!!11

  8. Great loot! The headless child sized dress form is a little creepy, but I'm eager to see the designs you come up with using it!

  9. Woot! Look at all that loot! Your gifts are amazing, I love the hour glass too! A pen pal for 38 years... I had no idea...

  10. spoiled & you deserve it.
    I always love Caitlin's cards !! she should sell some (maybe she does...)
    how's this book ? I bought a Jamie book recently (J.'s America) and can't wait to try the recipes.
    I have to play catch up at Christmas and certainly won't get caught into thinking you were born late Ocotber next year !
    The biggest gifts I'm sure you'll be 100% with me on this, are all the lovely family & friends who celebrated with you

  11. I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

  12. I love that pig card that your daughter drew for you! That purse looks so lovely, too. I went to a Cole Haan outlet this summer outside of Houston... such great stuff! Looks like you had a great birthday :o)