December 9, 2010

Christmas decor finally up!

I love this little German nutcracker. I have good memories of buying him from a Christmas market in France. His little beard is made of rabbit fur I think, super soft, and the colors are so pretty.
My little kitchen tree
We are having issues with the star topper this year. It is leaning to one side, and I put a piece of cellophane to try and fix the situation, but I'm not loving the solution, so I have to play with it tomorrow perhaps.

One of my favorite sugared fruit ornaments.

The is the completed apron!
My candelabra even gets a little dressed up for the holidays.

I bought this new Christmas mug for myself, mostly because I loved the little birdie on it.
Little bit of Christmas past.

How is everyone doing in the shopping department? I'm almost done, and now the wrapping begins! I'll be out tomorrow to get some more done. Hopefully I will have some time to do some fun holiday crafts, and baking soon. I decided not to make any gifts this year, except for the cookies. How about you, are you making handmade things this year? I love peeking in on other blogs and seeing people working on projects that they will gift to some lucky person. Time just got away from me this year, and I didn't find myself inspired either.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season.


  1. I just hosted a cookie exchange tonight. One more party this weekend AND THEN I can think about shopping. One of these times I'll be done before December rolls around...that would be lovely...
    Your house looks ready for some holiday festivities! Beautiful! I'll have to get my camera out tomorrow if the sun is shining and get some shots of this nice clean and organized house...before things go back to

  2. SO pretty! Seriously! The houses... oh I want a whole village of them! (I think I have one similar). I am only making one gift this year - a scarf for my sis, and one for me to match:) Course I cant post about it till after the 25th... so excited!!


  3. I have some shopping finished and
    tomorrow the decorating begins.
    My work gifts will be handmade and
    maybe a couple of othe things but the rest will be purchased.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  4. oh thank you for sharing dear Elizabeth ! it makes my heart sing today !!! i love your nutcracker what a find ! i've never seen any here ... it was your lucky day :)
    how precious is this photo of your sweeties !

  5. I love your decorations. The past three years I have made most of our Christmas gifts. I have not had the time this year which makes me sad, but I have embraced shopping. I guess after a long break from it, it hasn't been as overwhelming.

  6. your home always looks so lovely, elizabeth!

  7. My christmas decorations are up too :) I'm so excited for the holiday season!

  8. Your Christmas projects are adorable :o) Your place looks GREAT! I hope you & your family have a very merry Christmas... can't wait to read about the meals you guys will be eating! xox

  9. I love everything Christmas, Elizabeth. I am glad you shared your decorations with us. I love the deer fabric on the apron. Sometimes I wish I could get that Christmas magic in August so that I would have enough time to finish all the gifts without feeling so frazzled. Maybe I nee to play Christmas music in July. Carolina