December 6, 2010

A little peek of something I'm working on

Sorry about the quality of this photo, but as we all know, the lighting these days is minimal in the winter.
I cut this apron out last year, for a little festive something to wear in the kitchen during the holidays, but didn't get to finish it. I took it out of the drawer last week, and almost got it done. It just needs a couple more steps. I loved the non traditional colors of this fabric, and the playfulness of the pattern.
For sure it will be done tomorrow, as well as all the decorating. When you have a fragile back, everything is slow going :( The tree is at least in the stand soaking up water, but there aren't even any lights on it yet. I'll have to have David get all the boxes out tonight when he gets home, so that I can get things rolling.
I did switch out the towels for some festive ones. Even the kitchen has Christmas tea towels. I love when everything is up, because of how cozy it feels, but for now, I guess I will wait until my husband with the strong back comes home, to put the rest up.
I'm loving all the post other bloggers are putting up of their trees and decor.
I can't wait to join in the fun and post some Christmas decor soon!

On a side note: Thank you for all the very nice compliments on my flower arrangement! I had so much fun making it, and I have come up with one I really want to do for Christmas, so you will have to come back to see it.


  1. Elizabeth, I LOVE the retro-look of this fabric ~particularly the subdued color palette~ just perfect. I cannot wait to see your finished apron. :)

    And your tree ... and your Christmas center piece... (etc, etc.) woo hoo! ;)

    Thank you for sharing. ~xo

  2. I'm sure that you'll have everything looking beautiful in no time at all. Waiting to see what kind of floral design you'll think of for Christmas....
    Finding it hard to believe that it's December already....sooooo behind on lots here too. Shopping, wrapping, cards and baking all needs to be done soon!
    Take it easy this year...I'm sure you have lots of eager helpers.xo

  3. Looking forward to seeing the apron.


  4. very very pretty and an adorable retro look !! i have never thought of making any Holiday apron... but I should !