February 28, 2011

Just a little something I made

While I was pre-shrinking some fabric on Sunday, I decided I needed a new pin cushion. I made one of these for Nicole a couple of Christmases ago, and I thought they were fun and easy to make. My little tomato pin cushion had seen better days so I whipped one of these up for me.
The pattern I used was from Heather Bailey. She has such adorable patterns and fabric that she designs, go check it out if you already don't know of her.

My little clothes are coming along. I cut out two more items today, and will begin sewing them up tomorrow. I would like to have more pieces before I officially open up the shop. I'm going for a tiny little spring collection of sorts, so there will be lots of sweet spring time colors, and looks. I'm working as fast as my back will let me, so that means that on some days I'm just able to cut, and some days embroidery. I'm still feeling my way around the whole thing so we shall see how this all plays out.
Do you guys want a sneak peek of a couple of looks that I have made, or should I just put more together?
Hope everyone is hanging in there with this long wet, cold, snowy winter.....what projects are you all working on?


  1. Hi Elizabeth! Sorry I missed your last post and didn't get to send you some anniversary LOVE!! I am so glad that I met you here in blogland...you have always been my biggest support and I feel like I have met you and your beautiful family. Best wishes to you for lots of future blog success!
    Love the pin cushion....and yes I want to see EVERYTHING!!

  2. p.s......this is my other blog...very new to. trying out a creative side. not sure what will happen with it. i keep going back and forth...still signed in as "ruffled mama" IT'S ME Leanne :)
    (that must have confused you a bit!)

  3. Love the new pin cushion!!!!
    Looking forward to your goodies.
    Thanks for the great comment that you left at Dreaming.
    I hope something works out for YOUR husband soon.
    Good Luck and Take Care.


  4. Wow Lovely Pin Cushion . i like it and great idea . fantastic your recently post and nice details shared in the post

  5. Definitely a sneak peek for starters. And then a look at everything!

  6. I'm really anxious to see those little projects. I'm such a voyeur in those endeavors as I'm not so good in that area. I can, however, embroider but don't because I can't find interesting things to work with.

    I'm sure my son would have been the only one you passed on the street that would be smiling at a little snow!! He always hopes for some when he visits here in the winter.


  7. i love your new pincushion and i vote for a sneak peek, please!