March 26, 2011


Caitlin turned 21 on the 25th. How is it possible that she is already 21? Time has a nasty way of speeding by doesn't it?!
David had purchased this bottle of wine for Caitlin a long time ago, and it was bottled in the year of her birth. We even visited the winery it was from on our last trip to France, back in 09. I'm sure it will be wonderful.
Cyrous gave her this cute retro alarm clock, among other fun gifts.
A little something from the store with the cool blue bag,
and the iconic box. They were a pair of gold earrings in the shape of bows. I forgot to snap a shot of them.

Cyrous' mom was so sweet, and gave Caitlin these cool Swedish shoes she has been wanting for a long time. Very nice gift!

Time to head out for dinner
We decided to celebrate Caitlin's grown up birthday in a nice swanky restaurant in the city called Quince.
I felt kinda nerdy snapping too many pictures in here, so this is only a snippet of the entrance by the bar. It's a pretty spiffy place, with that very elegant feel.
Started with drinks, while we waited for our table, and also gave Caitlin a chance to open a gift from Nicole and Pierre.

Champagne of course!!!
Birthday kisses

I was so impressed that they printed Caitlin's name on top of the menu! This is the copy they gave her when we left. Nice touch!
This is the tasting menu that four of us chose.
This is the fish menu that Nicole and Cyrous chose. I was also impressed with the restaurant having gluten free options for Nicole.
Crab souffle. Check out the cute seafood plate!
This little fish image was on the bottom of the souffle.

Caitlin calls this, her Spanish soap opera picture :)
One giant ravioli, with five flavors! YUM!!
Olive pappradelle with guinea hen
Spring lamb
The guys had the cheese course.
Us girls opted out, and Nicole is showing how we all felt about that course :)
If you love cheese, they had a great selection,
Served very nicely with breads, and fruit.
We surprised Caitlin with a whole cake, that was made there! I love cake a lot, and was worried that it wouldn't live up to my expectations, but the desserts that were on offer for the evening, didn't seem celebratory enough for me, so we decided to have them make a cake for her. Wow, is all I can say!!! It was so, so good!!

They even served it up so pretty, with a little bit of vanilla ice cream. Sweet end to a lovely night out. I highly recommend this restaurant for any occasion, but if you want to feel pampered for a milestone birthday, then go here!

Happy birthday Sweetheart!


  1. A beautiful birthday for a beautiful girl.

  2. How fun!!!! The girls look beautiful, the guys, dashing and the food super yummy. And that cheese Happy birthday to sweet Caitlin. It seems like just yesterday she came through my door with her violin at the ripe old age of 11 or 12. Time sure flies.

  3. Please pass along my birthday wishes to Caitlin!! Twenty-One!!! 21..... wow. 21. Is this how you're feeling Elizabeth? oh my....
    She is a beautiful girl. Thanks for sharing here big day...I love that you snapped photos of the plate (I would have too!! haha)
    How are you? Busy sewing up a bunch more goodies I'll bet...

  4. Out of respect for Caitlin( Happy Birthday to her) I read the whole blog- but it was really difficult after I saw the picture of the red shoes to concentrate on anything else. You know I am a foodie at heart - it takes a whole lot for me not to focus on the food. Those red shoes, though, could they be made by the same company, Hasbeens, that I have been coveting like FOREVER?
    I have been trying to figure out a way to justify the purchase of a pair for myself. I love them. Let Caitlin know that I am green with envy. Carolina

  5. Wow--what a great birthday celebration.
    Happy Birthday to Caitlin!!!


  6. Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! Happy birthday :-)

  7. you guys really know how to celebrate. happy birthday caitlin!

  8. Belated birthday greetings to your gorgeous girlie. Looks like you all had a fab time (and what a wonderful restaurant, you have such a knack for finding the best places)helping her celebrate.

  9. Ugh I have been away from reading blogs for a little while, and look at all I missed! WOW, I thought Caitlin was way older than 21 - not that she looks old at all, but she is just so lovely. I felt like I still looked like a child when I was 21. Happy birthday Caitlin! The food looks absolutely amazing! You guys know how to celebrate right!

  10. joyeux anniversaire Caitlin !
    (belated because i was on an internet break sorry)
    the wine gift from her dad is so sweet ! very moving too. to see time spinning when it is about your kids...
    what an elegant couple they are !
    I hope this is not too hard for you... because along with what we talked about on the phone last month...
    Anyway, it's bedtime and now you have me mouth watering over the keyboard : all those cheese ! to me they are even more tempting than the beautiful cake ;)

  11. What a cool restaurant and that food looks incredible!! It reminds me a lot of what I did for my 21st. Happy birthday to her! Sounds like a wonderful celebration!! xo