March 23, 2011

Last Sunday Was a Fun Day

This past Sunday Nicole invited Caitlin and I to the Vintage Expo in San Francisco. So much eye candy that it became overwhelming! There were a couple of booths that I spent a lot of time in, one being........
The button lady's booth. Everyone kept calling her that, so that is what I will call her on here. Nicole was there the day before and had lots of fun buying buttons for a collection she is working on at the moment, so she knew the merchandise well, and helped me navigate some of the boxes.
Looks like she found some more :)

I was sad that I didn't take many shots of the place, but some of the vendors seemed kinda put off by photos being taken of their booths. The button lady loved Nicole, so she said she would let me, but had turned down several others that day.
These buttons pictured were from another booth that I think was my very favorite there. It had all vintage notions and patterns. I think I could have been happy if I stayed there the whole afternoon!
The little blue bird buttons are glass, and I just love the shell buttons shaped like flowers.
The crochet lace on the far left is all hand done, and from Ireland.
How cute are these patterns?!
I also bought an adorable vintage toddler dress, but I want to wash and press it before I show and tell. It looks like it would be perfect to wear for a birthday party or easter. I promise I will show you, but like I said, it needs a little bath and a press.
I hope to incorporate some of the darling vintage buttons in the clothing I'm making, to give the pieces that little something special.
I cut out a darling little dress today, that I will begin sewing on tomorrow. I wish I could work faster than I have been lately, but darn it, so many things getting in the way.
Hopefully I will have enough to open up very soon.


  1. Ooo how fun was that.
    Sounds like I could have stayed there for awhile too.


  2. oh wow there seemed to be so much to look at (and buy !!)
    I have the same lace as you feature here in my lace box, but I didn't know it was Irish !

  3. i love antique fairs like that, but i've never seen so many buttons! wow, fabulous. enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh, those buttons! Be still, my heart!

  5. Now that's what I call a SCORE! It is getting harder to find these old wonderful buttons--thanks for sharing so many great pictures, we can drool over them at least! :o)