March 19, 2011

Fun Date Night

Last night we had a lovely dinner at "Zuni Cafe" in San Francisco. I've never had a bad meal here. So fresh tasting and yummy!
Very unique building, in shape and layout. I didn't get to take the photo I wanted of the bar, looking through the window with all the bottles. It is always so sparkly and cool looking.

I actually took all the photos with my iphone, and I must say, they are not too shabby. This was a snack that we had with some champagne, that had shaved fennel, prosciutto, and oranges, with a wonderful olive oil drizzle. It went so well with the champagne.
First course; fresh, tasty and again, the best olive oil drizzled on it.
Great shot with the good old iphone!

Grilled striped sea bass with beurre blanc sauce. Very delicate and perfectly cooked.
After this very nice dinner, we went to the symphony.


  1. restaurant I want to go to that I've never been to! Jealous! I love their cookbook.

    P.S. Flora and Henri...right?? Isn't it spectacular? Great inspiration. I'm so excited about your line!

  2. this looks absolutely DELICIOUS ! you make me hungry !! which is not reasonable because it's bedtime here :D

  3. Looks like you two had a fun time!


  4. I'm putting Zuni on the list of "possibles". Delicious looking meal--all of it.

    Have you been to the French Laundry?


  5. What a great place to have a night out :-) I love date night... and I can't beleive those pics were taken with an iphone!

  6. Hold on - let me go see what I have in my fridge... Nope ... NOTHING that even comes close to Zuni. No surprise there. If I get myself ALL dolled up, and load the family into the truck, head down the mountain into the valley, I can spend an hour dining in the finest dining establishment our little town has to offer - Applebee's. Your photos are just a little more salt added to the wound. Carolina

  7. Ooh, that restaurant looks gorgeous...! You are so lucky in SF to have a wonderful array of fabulous eateries to chose from!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my blouse.

  8. It all looks gorgeous. Wish we had decent restaurants in this town.

  9. zuni looks great and so do your photos. everyone uses instagram so much i never knew if an iphone could take a decent photo and it clearly does!

  10. Sounds lovely! And looks delish:).