March 10, 2011

This made me laugh!

I saw these two fighting over this little piece of cookie, and in real time, this little morsel spun around back and forth between them for some time............................
Birdie on the left was victorious for a few moments..................................
Until he began to bob his head up and down, as if taunting the other birdie. In the middle of him gloating, it flew out of his mouth, and It was so hilarious as it spun through the air. The slighted bird looks like he/she is saying... "Whatever, buddy!!"
Animals are too funny :)

Tomorrow I will show you some swatch fabrics that I bought for more tiny clothes. I just completed a couple of more items. I really want to have about 12 pieces before I put them up for sale, then I will do a post on all the goodies I made and the link to Etsy. I'm having fun making them and feel like they will be hard to part with. It will make me happy though, that there will be some child and parent enjoying them.
I must get back in the room and get some work done!


  1. funny...i would have gotten the camera out for this too! looking forward to your new creations!

  2. 12? Must there be TWELVE pieces completed before we see more? Can't wait. Carolina

  3. Fun!! Nice look and beautiful your idea ..LOL I like he/she is saying... "Whatever, buddy!!" hehehe

  4. Birds are really funny when it comes to "food!"

    Looking forward to seeing you little bitties.


  5. haha ! the pigeon on the left looked so proud of himself with the piece of cookie !!!

  6. This photo was taken at a vista point near the Golden Gate Bridge. It was real windy, so the little cookie spun like crazy for a while between them. It was so funny when it flew through the air!!