April 10, 2011

A little outing in Berkeley

Didn't want to be vacant from my blog too long, so I thought I'd share some shots of our Sunday outing to Berkeley/Oakland. Sunday was such a beautiful spring day that just begged to be enjoyed by a walk and a peek at all the lovely things in the shops.
I love the store to the right with the light blue green paint. It is called "Maison d'Etre."
To the left of it is this fun lunch spot called Cactus. Yummy Mexican food, for a good price.
I tried to be sneaky and take a picture of the inside of the restaurant.
After lunch we took a stroll through College Ave. and saw so many beautiful blooms shinning in the sunlight.
I had to buy some bird seen for good old Quincy, so we visited the cute little pet shop where we got him. ( if you click on the picture to make it large, you can see the pet shop sign on the right hand side. It is called "Your Basic Bird.")
The white building in the middle is the coolest resort/hotel that almost got burned down back in 1991 fire. Thank goodness it was saved because it really is beautiful.
I love all the big homes in Berkeley

I kind of feel like this blowing grass lately. Everything is going in one direction or another at the moment here in our home, and it is hard to pin point when there will be calmer times. I'm up to about 8 looks right now on the tiny clothes, and I'm really having a lot if fun with the development and construction. Nicole is coming over to help me set the shop up soon, and I will announce when it is all the way up. Not too much longer now!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.


  1. berkeley looks beautiful. i love that pinky-peach house and the cherry blossoms! eight and counting. we were in bonpoint the other day and i thought of you.

  2. My husband and daughter are in your neck of the woods today. I don't have a cell in my body that is not jealous for I am sure they will be eating like you every chance they get. Next trip is mine.
    8 looks? You have been crankin'. Is every one of them as lovely as the ones we have already seen? Keep going - I can't wait to see them all. Carolina

  3. i loved the peek at your day in berkeley! i love berkeley! such a cool place. looking forward to seeing the shop. :)

  4. What a beautiful day! I can see why you had to be out in it!

  5. thank you for the stroll !
    you have no idea how much i'd like to come to CA again ( and L. too !!) however flights are up to a minimum of $1100 and even the friends of ours who used to go every year are not going this year !
    what a lovely blue sky there was that Sunday...

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