October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween fellow bloggers and anyone else who stumbles on here!! Today the weather is so gorgeous that it just seems impossible that our poor friends on the east coast are having such terrible snowy conditions.
I just snapped these photos today in my yard, to show you all the beautiful sun dappled trees.

A little bit of summer still clinging on for dear life on my lavender bush! With all the sun, no wonder it is confused!

This is how bright it is today, no editing at all in any of these pictures. The trick or treaters are going to have a very nice evening with zero chance of rain, like we most often get around now.
See, I told you we would carve our pumpkins. This one is Caitlin's and the next two are,
mine to the left, and Cyrous' to the right. We did them last Thursday, and I don't think I recommend that, since the mold has now taken over. Although, it seems rather fitting for today :)
These will be our after dinner treats tonight...................
Caitlin chose the smores cupcake, and we chose the fleur de sel and chocolate flavor.

We rented "Paranormal Activity 2" for tonights fright fest. There may be some popcorn mixed with peanut m&ms to go with it.
What are you doing tonight???


  1. Spooky Halloween to you toooooo!!
    I have martians at my house...they're looking for mittens and warm stuff to wear under their costumes. Good old Canadian Oct 31st! Photos to follow!

  2. That's a really scary film (well, I thought it was!). I'd intended making cupcakes but we ended up eating the leftover sweets and chocolate and watching a terrible DVD.

  3. Happy Halloween! :) Love it all, especially those Jack o lanterns!