November 1, 2011

Cute item added to shop

I decided to put a cute little toy into the shop. We will see how this one does before I commit to making more. She was a bit time consuming, but quite fun to make. Years ago I made a couple of these and gave them as gifts to my nieces. They still have them and use them as decor now, but my sister said that they really enjoyed them when they were little.
I made this one in my signature red and white, but I will make the next one in another color. I'm using all the beautiful scraps that I have. Perfect little pieces, big enough for little mouse clothing.
She comes with this little bag, to keep her safe when she is not in use. I will embroider the name of the child in the circle, or do a letter.
She is 7 1/2 inches tall. Her dress is embroidered around the edges in blanket stitch. the skirt straps have French ribbon, and both pieces can come off.
I think she is pretty sweet, and would be a nice little gift.


  1. Oh my sweet. And she matches the dress I bought from you! Uh-oh.... :)

  2. Great job on this little cutie!

    Thanks for the lovely Birthday wishes!


  3. Adorable! I love her red and white outfit too! What a perfect gift it will make!

  4. That's one mouse I wouldn't mind having in my house!


  5. I agree with Bonnie - this is the ONLY mouse I would take in. It is beautifully done. All those little pieces must have taken forever. Although it is a great toy, I think that this little guy would also make a wonderful addition to any home as a "Christmas Mouse". The special little storage bag you have :whipped up" could have the words "Merry Christmas" embroidered on it, or perhaps there could be a little bell stitched on to the tie in the back. You always, ALWAYS, impress me, Elizabeth. This little mouse appeals to my sense of whimsy, but remains on a firm footing in all that is classic - in true Gossamer Wings style. Well done. Carolina

  6. Oh this mousie is so sweet!

    The little bag is such an excellent idea. Kids just loving having a special place to keep their treasures!