May 6, 2012

Weekend fun Part 1

 Friday night was another concert night for us. This time closer by, which makes it more relaxing.
 I can't say enough good things about Flora ( our dinner spot) I love the food, the cocktails, and the vibe of the place. I have blogged about it before, but each time we go, I have something different and equally as amazing as the last. The cocktail pictured above has an interesting name, it is called, "The corps reviver #2." I looked to see if there was a #1, but as far as I could tell, it wasn't on the menu. It is very much a reviver of sorts I suppose :)  Caitlin and I had this one.
David had this beauty, but I don't remember the name of it.

 They must have been watching the eclectic people at the bar.
 Flora does classic American dishes in such a good way, that a shrimp cocktail isn't what you might think it is when you taste it. This one was so bright in flavors, with shrimp that was so sweet and flavorful. Ice cold and don't even get me started on the sauce!!

 This fried chicken is no ordinary fried chicken. First, there is a bit of a story about the fried chicken here. The chef that is now at Flora, use to be at my other favorite place in Oakland (Pizzaiolo). I had this fried chicken there once, and it was heavenly. I think it would even make a seasoned southern cook happy! It is so tender and juicy, that you don't even need a knife to cut it. I read recently in a local paper, that this chef moved to Flora, and put his fried chicken on the menu. I just had to try it to see if it tasted the same as I remember. Well, it sure did, and boy those fresh from the pod English peas were out of this world yummy too. The white sauce on the chicken is yogurt, mixed with chili oil. If you click on the link, you can read more about the restaurant, and the dinner menu is the same as when we were there Friday. Past this weekend, I don't know if it will be different or not.
 We all shared this and had a bite or two of it. Apple cinnamon turn over with golden raisins and creme fraiche ice cream.
 Last but certainly not least, this is who we went to see at the Oakland Fox Theater, Snow Patrol.

 Opening act was Ed Sheeran.
Snow Patrol are a lot of fun, but much more of a low key affair than Cold Play. Fun to hear their old songs, as well as some of the new ones. I think my favorite new song is "Just say Yes." Favorite old one I would have to say "Run".

We had a very fun weekend, and I want to do a different post on where we went  Saturday, because it just deserves it.

Hope you all had a fun one!!!


  1. oh wow...the cocktails and fried chicken and dessert. add to this the concert! and this is only friday night?! looking forward to hearing about saturday. uhm...yes, i had a fun weekend, but nothing in comparison so i'll just wait to hear more about yours. :)

  2. Everything looks delicious! It sounds like an enviably fun evening :)

  3. Try and figure out how he makes that chicken- I want to know. I am not just saying that, Elizabeth. I live in rural Tennessee and we don't make fried chicken in the house - I think that is considered anti-social, if not a sin in these parts. I don't want to make just any fried chicken if I am going to do it, though. It has to be heaven sent, like this one you are telling us about. There must be a trick to it.
    Looks like you all had fun - as usual it was way more hip than my life.

  4. I will try and look into the Chicken recipe. My best guess is that they must marinate the chicken for a good long time in the buttermilk. I know from some middle eastern cooking, that when they marinate it in yogurt forever, it makes the meat very, very tender. Now, the crust I don't know....

    I'll ask next time I go in there. I did once have an amazing pork chop in there, and I asked if they brine their chops....the waiter said yes. Very tender as well and cooked to perfection, something I'm never able to achieve with pork chops!

  5. I'm jealous (LOL) you always go to the best concerts ! ;)