October 15, 2013

Busy Stitching...

Didn't want to say away too long, so I thought I'd pop in to say a quick hello. I've been busy with special orders and creating new items for the shop. Time seems to pass so quickly when you are having fun.
 Almost all of the capes are gone, and I decided to post a photo on the listing of the possible linings so that people can do special orders. Today I'm working on one with the the last print in the photo above. The sweet Liberty top above, was a special order that I finished yesterday. I sure do love that fabric, and I hope they love it when they receive it. I also whipped up some wide whale corduroy pants that are in the shop right now. I think it looks so cute with the Liberty top.

Can you believe how fast October is going? It really seems like it should be still September, since our weather here is so warm still. We will have 80's this whole week! I really don't know if I should get my fall/winter clothing out, or continue wearing my summer clothing.  I'm trying not to complain too loudly, as you can still see all the beauty of fall with the trees changing colors and the mornings being a pit nippy.

The guest room is coming together bit by bit, and soon I will have some before and after photos. We bought the bed this past weekend and now all it needs is a bit of rearranging and some art on the walls.

Well.....I gotta run to the post office and then start on that cape!

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